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Organizations, People and Strategies in Astronomy - Volume 2

(OPSA 2)

(Ed. A. Heck, 2013, ISBN 978-2-9542677-1-5)

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Table of contents

Editorial pdf
(pp. 1-14)

New Projects in Astronomy:
Where do They Come From and How do They Get Realized? pdf
(M. Grewing/Univ. Tübingen & G. Debouzy/CNES)
(pp. 15-42)

Science Transformed?
Reflections on Professed Changes 
in Knowledge Production pdf
(J. Tuunainen/Univ. Helsinki)
(pp. 43-71)

Astronomy in Argentina pdf
(H. Muriel/OAC)
(pp. 73-98)

Astronomy in Brazil pdf
(B. Barbuy & W.J. Maciel/Univ. São Paulo)
(pp. 99-118)

Italian Astronomy 
at the Beginning of the 21th Century pdf
(S. Sciortino/Oss. Palermo)
(pp. 119-132)

Astronomy in Mexico pdf
(W.H. Lee/UNAM)
(pp. 133-144)

Astronomy in the Netherlands pdf
(W. Boland/NOVA & H. Habing/Sterrew. Leiden)
(pp. 145-174)

Astronomy in Poland pdf
(M. Kubiak & K. Stepien/Warsaw Univ.)
(pp. 175-194)

Astronomy in Turkey pdf
(Z. Eker/TUG et al.)
(pp. 195-216)

The Specola Vaticana:
Astronomy at the Vatican pdf
(G. Consolmagno & Chr. Corbally/Specola Vaticana)
(pp. 217-230)

Selecting and Scheduling 
Observing Programmes at ESO pdf
(F. Patat & G.A.J. Hussain/ESO)
(pp. 231-256)

Gemini Observatory Time Allocation 
and Program Execution pdf
(A. Adamson et al./Gemini)
(pp. 257-266)

Selecting, Scheduling and Carrying Out 
Observing Programmes at the Large Binocular Telescope pdf
(R.F. Green/LBTO)
(pp. 267-274)

Selecting, Scheduling and Carrying out
Observing Programmes at SALT pdf
(D.A.H. Buckley/SALT)
(pp. 275-304)

Selecting, Scheduling and Carrying out
Observation Programmes at the Subaru Telescope pdf
(M. Imanishi/Subaru)
(pp. 305-322)

Professional Ethics in Astronomy:
The AAS Ethics Statement pdf
(K.B. Marvel/AAS)
(pp. 323-333)

The Code of Ethics and Editorial Code of Practice 
of the Royal Astronomical Society pdf
(P. Murdin/Univ. Cambridge)
(pp. 335-346)

The "Astronomy & Astrophysics" Journal:
Origin, Purview, and Ethical Requirements pdf
(Cl. Bertout/A&A)
(pp. 347-351)

Science Literacy of Undergraduates 
in the United States pdf
(C. Impey/Univ. Arizona)
(pp. 353-364)

The Rewards of Membership in the IAU pdf
(A.U. Landolt/LSU)
(pp. 365-369)

The Management of AAS Meetings pdf
(K.B. Marvel/AAS)
(pp. 371-392)

International Astronomy Meetings List:
Its Origin and Evolution pdf
(L. Bryson/CFHT)
(pp. 393-394)

The International Ultraviolet Explorer:
Origins and Legacy pdf
(A.J. Willis/UCL)
(pp. 395-416)

History is Too Important
to be Left to the Historians pdf
(D.H. DeVorkin/Smithsonian Inst.)
(pp. 417-440)

Biographies and Portraits
of British and Other Astronomers pdf
(P. Hingley et al./RAS)
(pp. 441-460)

Astronomy and Philately pdf
(M.I. Morris/Univ. Glasgow)
(pp. 461-474)

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